Management Company

Pro Greece operates in central Thessaloniki, Greece. The company works on entrepreneurial projects in the city center in order to produce investments that will benefit the company’s customers. Our goal is to provide you with the best accompaniment and the most personal service along the way

The company was established to create an opportunity for its customers to increase their capital with the help of real estate investments, for this purpose we were asked to produce a unique business model that will allow us to provide our customers with such a business model. This is how our acquaintance with the center of Thessaloniki began. The projects themselves are the purchase of commercial properties that have been tested as such that can be converted into residential apartments in central Thessaloniki.

What we offer

The Management Company is the last and most important step in your Investment. People want to invest money and get it on their bank accounts without all the management of their property. For that, we build a management company that give you the service, right after the property is ready.

The Management Company takes care of:
– Finding tenants.
– Checking as thoroughly as possible the quality of the tenant and his ability to pay the rent on time.
– Collecting the rent – in Greece it is customary to pay month by month.
– Fixing apartment problems created by tenant use and updating property owners.
– Ancillary payments such as property taxes, insurance (electricity, water and committee if you live in the property or keep it for personal use).
– Tax returns at the end of the year.
– Transferring the rent to your bank account.
– Regular updates from the property (the management company will provide you with all the updates you need on the property, one financial update per month).
The Management Company is designed to make you the best passive income possible, while its goal is to be represent you in everything to do with the tenants and authorities, so you can rest assured everything is running smoothly with your investment.

Panos Tolis
CEO of the Management Company

The process of converting apartments

The conversion process in Thessaloniki is considered very fast if you make a comparison to what we know in Israel but also in Thessaloniki there are processes that we are obliged to go through. We carry out all inspections of the property by our staff before the date of its purchase in order to reduce the risk in the transaction, but it is important to note, the approval from the local committees we can get only after we make the purchase. The conversion process takes between 4-6 months. The approval we will receive at the end of the period I mentioned is approval for the change of use of the complex, for the division of the apartments in accordance with the plan we submitted and the renovation work. After this period we approach the renovation phase.

Renovation of the property and furniture of the apartments

As part of our understanding that you are not looking to mess with the property and want to know that your apartment will suit as many tenants and potential buyers as possible, we furnish the apartments as part of our service (included in the project ownership). The renovation process usually takes between 3-4 months, the furniture is usually done as part of the same period. Immediately after the renovation we vacate to work with the water and electricity authorities in order to produce separate clocks for each apartment and begin preparations for renting / selling the properties.