About us

After several years in which both of us worked in the field of real estate in Israeli companies, we realized that our great passion in life is in this field, and we decided to establish Pro Greece.

In 2017, we started exploring investment options in Europe. We knew we were looking for a country where we would find positive economic growth in several categories. After we examined a few places, Greece was chosen as the country in which to invest.

For a year, we examined the market in Thessaloniki that allows us to meet the location, price, and development potential goals we set for ourselves on the day we set up the business. Upon our arrival in Thessaloniki, we began to examine in more depth our target audiences, specific investment areas, future development plans of the city, trends in the labor market, recreation areas, and so on. After a year of market research in which we got to know the city and the area in which we wanted to work, we created a business model that matched the company’s vision and was profitable for our customers.

We started our real estate business in Thessaloniki in 2017 but the market survey and building of all the teams in the field took a whole year, so we started buying properties towards the middle of 2018.

Since then, we have bought, renovated, and managed over 200 apartments.
Our goal now is to own and manage 6 whole buildings by 2023.

Our business model allows us to centralize the renovation of lots of properties in a small area which helps us in controlling all the projects simultaneously. In general, a large part of the preliminary work was to produce a base and infrastructure strong enough to take advantage of the short period in Thessaloniki where prices are very favorable and fit our strategy so we can manage as many projects as possible and continue to give you the best experience and most profitable product.

Gal Rubin and Zack Vertzberger