Amazing new deals! Inteview with Gal Rubin

Q: What new deals does Progreece have for 2023?

Gal: We are starting 2023 with some new deals that combine what we have done so far -the conversion of commercial properties into residential ones- but also take it up a notch and increase the scale of our work so that our clients can enjoy higher potential. Let us present to you our 2 new deals.

The 1st deal is Langada 222 which will be a different kind of project from what we have done before. We are talking about a 7-floor building that will have around 130 apartments, with sizes ranging from 30-35 sqm to 60 sqm. We are calling this project a community residential building because people who will live there will be part of a community. Everything someone needs will be included in this one space. It will have a gym, security, and common areas so that the residents can also socialize and connect with one another. Every 1-1,5 months maintenance and cleaning of the apartments will be performed by our staff. The property itself is a bit outside the city center, which we decided to do on purpose because only there it was possible to create this type of community-living vibe. However, the commute to the city center will still be very easy and cheap, with taxis and buses being readily available. Of course, there will also be parking spaces for cars and bikes. In terms of advantages for our clients, there are a lot. Firstly, it is a large number of apartments which means many of our clients can join and partake in this spectacular investment opportunity. Secondly, the cost of this project is smaller compared to the ones we have in the city center. A studio will be 59-60.000 (compared to 65-68.000 in the city center) and the larger apartments will cost around 70.000 (compared to 90-92.000 in the city center).

The 2nd deal I would like to present to you is a project I can’t reveal too much about right now, but it will be the biggest one so far. This is an invitation to our clients and investors who have seen our previous work and would like to participate in this new journey with us as partners. This project is more long-term and would take around 3-5 years for it to be completed.  We are searching for investors who can invest larger amounts of money, around 2-3 million or less, and are looking to become partners of Progreece. It is an amazing opportunity, with amazing income benefits, and it is paving the way for a better future in Thessaloniki. We believe this will become very big news in the city in the coming years. So, whoever wants to become a partner and would like to invest larger amounts of money (can also start at 400.000) can learn more about this opportunity, by getting in contact with us. We will give him all the details.


Q: How do you sum up the previous year of 2022?

Gal: In the last year, our company succeeded to double the number of properties we owned and managed. We believe this upward trend will continue in 2023 as we have built a very solid foundation, both for this company and the management company, that allows us to take on more projects as well as improve the services we offer to our clients.

Apart from that, I would like to point out Greece’s enormous financial improvements that are starting to be talked about on a worldwide level. Important financial organizations have announced that Greece was a winner in the economy of 2022. So many start-ups have been created in Greece and Thessaloniki in the last few years. Technological advances have been implemented and the country is starting to be a part of an upward trend that is indicating that it’s no longer focusing solely on tourism. It is transitioning into a real pole of development in so many other sectors and areas. These positive changes are obviously attracting many investors but also a new workforce from all over the world. Thessaloniki is in the midst of reestablishing itself as a city of opportunities and is adopting a more modern identity. The improvement of the airport, port, and metro and the addition of new constructions and hotels are only a few of the things that have changed in the city and are affecting the overall economy of the area and the country.


Q: What will the economy look like in 2023?

Gal: We find ourselves in a time where people are generally scared of what this new year will bring financially. There is an economic crisis, an energy crisis and interest rates are going up. But I believe that Greece and Thessaloniki are in a very good position and won’t have to deal with many negative effects compared to other countries. Firstly, it’s because the economy of Greece is growing very rapidly. Secondly, Greek citizens haven’t taken as many loans (because of restrictions that existed in the last years) which means that the increase in interest rates won’t be felt so intensely in this case. There is a potential that the growth of the economy won’t be as rapid as it has been in previous years, but I am confident that it won’t decrease. If anything, it would remain stable or grow a little less than last year. Lastly, Greece’s natural gas production and shift towards green energy will support the country in minimizing the effects of the energy crisis and will help get through it in a much better way than other countries.


Q: Anything you would like to add about the company moving into 2023?

Gal: Our main goal is to always improve our services and products. The competition has increased, so it is important for us to detect the best properties available so our clients can enjoy profitable investments and maximum potential. We believe this next year will be super good. Our clients will hopefully feel the improved strategies that we have implemented over this past period. We want our clients not to be able to notice whether we manage 10, 200 or 500 properties. We want them to have a seamless and pleasant experience with the company.

Kicking off the new year with this amazing project in Langada 222 is an amazing opportunity for us to source more clients and let them join this family called Progreece! We are waiting for you guys!